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  1. Of course you will need a valid account otherwise anything that you use will be a failure
  2. then it will work just fine, PM and i will share the script. The script is not fully perfected, it still has some issues, but my trial is over so i cannot modify it any further
  3. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i will turn of the vps and delete everything. all videos deleted, waiting for @cursedking to paste the new link. Trial account is over
  4. I can’t. I dont have any space left on the vps
  5. Ready to download the course and upload it?
  6. Using a python script that I wrote myself man. But still has issues left and tomorrow is my last day of my trial account
  7. Cbt script is baked and downloading to a VPS. Let see how it behaves
  8. I’m trying but it 15gb+ so I don’t know if I can upload that
  9. Nice. It’s fully organized It takes quite a lot to download but it’s nice
  10. i have a python script to download from INE. PM if you guys want it
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