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  1. not feasible, content is quite big on size and it will not last for too long on that sites
  2. hello, here the link: [Hidden Content] took some time to organize all folders and verify the files but manage to do some nice management important note: on folder 51 video 3 instructor has a typo on their first slide but content is ok for pXGrid so don't worry about it
  3. download complete (16.8gb), just a moment while organize folders and prepare the mirrors again, many thanks!
  4. how about split in parts? then I can upload a mirror with fast speeds for everyone here...
  5. Hello @TuPadre thanks again for this share, isn't too much to ask if you can help us and share with SCOR course as well?
  6. thanks for the re-upload can you share the video #39?, seems to be missing on folder #6
  7. many thanks, awesome job! I can confirm files missing as @kikojones said, waiting for the re-rip of those
  8. Hi all, This course has just been released, please share if possible
  9. can you share Catalyst 8000v images please?
  10. cursedking

    CBT SDWAN Course

    Looking for this course too...
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