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  1. they must see the chatter lol they released updated versions yesterday.



    they're so anal retentive a little chatter and they're shitting down the back of their legs.


    someone should open a lawuit against them for theft by taking and false advertising. all the people they screwed out their lifetime upgrades.


    What you can do is phone your bank and have them reverse the charge. I did this in about December 2014, after paying for it in Jan or Feb 2014, and the bank did it happily. I'd bought it on the Apple App store. The only thing I heard from that is that the charge was reversed, so the App was removed from my acccount.


    If enough people do that, then the App will be removed from sale.

  2. seems like only .exam extensions but it's a good start towards a potential replacement. however , I think an option has to be there to either import .vce files or to convert them to the .exam format.


    I'm still banking on on-labs and software they have coming.


    There's a site

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    that seems to offer the .exam files.


    I was stupid enough to have bought VCE Player before they implemented the subscription thing when it was a one-off payment, and I'm unwilling to be scammed like that again so haven't tested to see if they work.

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