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  1. Need PANOS_220 8.1.0 anyone have it? Or 8.0.20?
  2. you can convert the vmdk to qcow2 but the issue is you need licensing, no trials available
  3. I'll seed it once it finishes downloading
  4. I am seeding this for anyone in my seedbox, use the magnet link OP posted. So far have seeded 2tb.
  5. Hey guys, I have a high BW, high capacity seedbox and am willing to seed 24/7 some packages. Let's convert what we can to torrent. This way we don't need to keep re-uping these damn links, let me know what you have on mega I can move to a torrent.
  6. Yes they do, I just got one the other day dude... You need to do it via portal, it's all automatic. Then you snapshot the VM and you are good.
  7. How are you guys practicing these? I found the OVF/OVAs but not able to license them, nor are trials available it seems.
  8. SO I created the eve-ng images, saved the changes after applying licenses but when I deploy new ones via snapshot it realizes it's a new instance for some reason, maybe the MAC or something in the hardware is changing? EDIT: So it doesn't know via the mac address, and EVE-NG is using differencing disk/snapshots so I'm not sure why it's not seeing it.
  9. Can I activate these trial licenses for the VMs, and then snapshot them to have permanent devices to play with?
  10. Right, but I am asking what the files floating around with "TEST" in their name are?
  11. 1- I think in some solutions it calls for it, regardless, just do it. 2- No, because the vrf config is the same EVEVN with no bgp default ipv4-unicast. The TCP config like remote-as or update-source is always in the VRF. So the global vrf BGP and INTERNET vrf BGP never misxup their tcp connections regardless.
  12. Interesting, thank you. I am familiar wit the other method but this one certainly perplexed me.
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