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  1. mr.os


    Thanks for the share But if I may ask is it based on RHEL7 or RHEL 8?
  2. will it work with the instructor setup VM
  3. May anyone share the student and activity guides for the MySQL for Beginners class with my thanks I believe the course code is D61918GC20 from oracle,
  4. A big fat thanks
  5. Hi apmittal Use VMware workstation, download the software from Oracle after registration, install the storage node (one or two), install the oracle db machines, that's all off course, search the internet you will find good tutorials about this, hope this will help
  6. Greetings bvn36, May you PM the complete bundle download links please, I have some of them, and I'm trying to complete the rest. Thanks and Regards,
  7. Still I'm unable to download this one, permission is needed to download the share.
  8. You need permission Your request for access has been sent. You will receive an email if and when your request is approved. May you grant my access, Thanks in advance.
  9. Greetings: Oracle Linux 7 System Administration Ed 1 (D88168GC10) + videos is no longer available.
  10. You are the man big fat like, May I ask if we can get the environment?
  11. If you have the official guides, may you share them,
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