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  1. @killerinstinct still interested in working on core impact standalone modules? You do not need to share the software itself. Just the python files and bin. They do not have any company info.
  2. Sorry for digging it up again. But @KillerInstinct are you willing to share core impact? I guess I can reverse it for you.
  3. That's the most shitty training you would have ever seen. Dont bother downloading
  4. then buy premium membership, download the file, if it works for you(which it wont) share here.
  5. Well no one seems to share core impact here. Finally I would like to tell everyone here that I have core Impact and canvas exploits from 2010 maybe some till 2012 also. But they are all python files and bins. If anyone is interested in making an exploit framework with me you are welcome.
  6. No one seems to want sharing.
  7. webinstect is 800+ mb file. Where do I upload it?
  8. Do you have latest version of canvas. Please send me your contact like jabber etc skype anything. So we can work this out. First of all I was thinking in recoding these exploits in python. But then I thought that it will be easy for other users to use them in metasploit.
  9. any update bro. Can you upload the exploits????
  10. you guys can tell me which exploits are important ones. So I will work on that priority. And also detection of xploits. If anyone here can code the core/GUI I am ready to get involved in a bigger community project also. TO develop a framework of exploits from core, metasploit and other public exploits.
  11. Ok please send me the link to download files. I will start working on exploits immediately. And keep those posting here for everyone.
  12. I dot need the core impact exe. Just the modules folder and bin folder from the core impact install dir. And then you can mane any exploit and make metasploit modules for required exploits
  13. Is there a trail version of this product? if yes its great. I can make exploits from that too
  14. it scans. have tested it you can scan any domain.
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