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  1. Hey everyone. Would someone be kind enough to share a link with me? Thank you, :)
  2. No worries friends. snoxoil2065 and I are talking.
  3. I hear you, but it seems you haven't noticed that I shared personal MEGA links to every single material which was shared with me, both here in running posts and on post #3. That's why I wrote what I did on #3 and listed the material which was shared with me, which I'm not longer hosting.
  4. hey st00rm, Nice to see you. The only trouble is that I'm pretty burnt out psychologically by this project and given that so many people have downloaded the material I was hoping that others could help share the burden of keeping this thread vibrant and helpful. I helped get things going, people provided a lot of momentum to get the Torrent out there, and now we're in the wake of it all with generous, kind folks providing updates and nice new things. We're a community. I know that we all have limited time and resources but I'm not a magic machine, just one person. It would be lovely for others to pick up some of the slack.
  5. That's awesome! Thanks! Any chance you could upload the material to MEGA.nz and provide a download link here? Yay! 401 is such an excellent place for people to start in security. WOO!
  6. Funny I've gotten PMs from salut101 as well offering to trade A TON of new SANS material. How much of that came from your private community?
  7. salut, please get out of this thread. You're actually the only nasty person I've had the misfortune to interact with on CertCollection. That should tell you a lot about yourself. Damn, I really hope you become a better person some day.
  8. salut101, Will you share your material openly with everyone?
  9. I don't know what year the above material is dated but I can say that OnDemand videos for this course are on the CERTCOLLECTION BASELINE Torrent. I don't have a precise date for the Torrent, but it may be 2011.
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