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  1. Hey everyone. Would someone be kind enough to share a link with me? Thank you, :)
  2. I don't know what year the above material is dated but I can say that OnDemand videos for this course are on the CERTCOLLECTION BASELINE Torrent. I don't have a precise date for the Torrent, but it may be 2011.
  3. Friends, Please listen to me, in so far as this thread goes, okay? To state the fact, yes, snoxoil2065 has shared at least three SANS course material for the Torrent. I don't have time to go through 47 pages of the thread, but that I have proven. Otherwise, as a moderator of sorts I'm obliged to ask you both to agree to disagree in this thread. What you communicate in private I hope is civil, but you have the liberty to speak (mostly) freely. There's also a mute button I think. I'm very sorry that we can't all come to some mutually beneficial understanding. Perhaps we can... Speaking for myself, well first of all, I don't know whether you (salut101) have or haven't shared any SANS material publicly. I wish that you would. I know the material that you have. It's impressive, and not free. I would love it if you would share openly with others, but that decision is yours and I must respect that much at least. That hurts. That reads pretty mean to me. snoxoil2065 has done a kindness to others openly. I don't think it's fair to mock that. I'm leaving this thread as is. I don't want to censor anything. Please keep cool. PLEASE let me know if there's anything that I can do to make this better. If it's within my power to do so I really want to try.
  4. So true. To be fair though I have been waiting to compile complete material for any course before creating a Torrent. So far, as I can recall, we only have patched together, incomplete stuff. Someone must have some bulletproof hosting no?
  5. khi3mkp, You've done it again. Thank you so much. I appreciate your Offensive-Security PWB upload so very much. I know that thank you messages are forbidden but come on. Thank you.
  6. You're a star. Link is dead though, perhaps it reached a download quota (not sure how MEGA works in that regard). I thought of asking you to PM me with a MEGA link and I'd host it from my private account but MEGA killed a ton of my links flagged because of DMCA F%%s. I'm going to find a MEGA alternative. I think Kim Dotcom is pretty cool for sticking it to the man publicly but this DMCA s% has to end. I also puke at their closed-source make you pay service. I just don't have the time to find something better at the moment but mark my words... we have to find some Bolivarian/Russian, DMCA f%ing cloud service which is free. Torrents are king... hell maybe I should get a seedbox. I can have a Torrent cloud backup service. Gaah... Yes!
  7. Thanks patelsp. Will someone please upload this to a friendly place like MEGA?
  8. Ah, someone has reported my content and a good majority of my data has received takedown notices. My links are dead. I will in the time to come look into other cloud/sharing providers which do not have download restrictions. I don't want any of you to pay for what I share. This is actually on my chalkboard to do list.
  9. I'm so sorry. I was mistaken and don't have that course. I've been off my game lately. Getting back in the rhythm of things after a short break. Sincere apologies. Check out the BASELINE updates. An anonymous donor just shared some new material: SANS 503 - Intrusion Detection In-Depth SANS 414 - Training Program for CISSP Certification Uploading now. Upload complete. Always check the BASELINE thread for updates. Thank you very much.
  10. I set up a ton of eBay alerts for things like: SANS SANS SEC SANS SEC573 SANS SEC573 Python etc I get messages in my email inbox almost daily with TONS of results. 2016/2017 courses seem to run between $600 - $1,200. If you buy, please share!
  11. I've got this in my own collection: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Here you are friend, sorry for my slow reply. [Hidden Content]
  13. It seems I've failed to move the 610 VM into the VMs & DVDs & USBs directory of the BASELINE Torrent! You can find the VM in the SANS 610 - Reverse-Engineering Malware: Malware Analysis Tools and Techniques.tar.gz archive. The 2015 PDFs are found in the archive as well.
  14. This can be found on post #3 on the BASELINE Torrent thread.
  15. I hope it's the correct version, but the BASELINE Torrent contains the 660 VM.
  16. How does one download the course material after creating an account? Thanks for the info! Also, anyone who uploads this onto MEGA for me gets a ton of thanks!! I'll host it for everyone forever too.
  17. I heard the same. That the admin/staff there spoofed admin/moderator names from here.
  18. Again friend, I don't know the particulars of your case but I remember you now posting a request for those courses in my SANS & Offensive-Security thread. I felt that it was inappropriate of you to hijack my thread with a completely irrelevant request. I don't know if you've read the forum rules or observed how the site works, but please try to find your way around here as everyone else does. Unfortunately links die and users do not post fresh ones. That does not make people lazy nor malicious. We're not entitled to material simply because we need it. Please feel welcome to make friends here, share, post requests, and be patient. Okay? You were yelling in my thread asking to find 0utcast. Changing your name to 0utcast I think was gross.
  19. I don't know the particulars of your case but I can say with confidence that your use of the username 0utcast was a contributing factor. I find it curious that you chose that name. 0utcast is a well-respected member of this community and regardless of them changing their handle I find it in poor taste to take it over. Again, I don't know the particulars of your case, but I'd suggest posting your request(s) again in the appropriate sub forums of the requests/offers section. I wish you good luck in finding what you're looking for.
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