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  1. are these dumps still valid? when was the last time someone sat for these?
  2. I am not sure honestly. I don't think the 60 Q on exam collections are valid anymore. Also, lead2pass has 155 Q's. Have a feeling that those 155 are just the 153 questions with a couple more.
  3. Same here, sat for the exam and had just 3-4 questions out of the 153 Q's file. Although ready to do a GB.
  4. Does anyone have Lab 7 initial configuration please? I need it. Thanks in advance.
  5. Please PM and only if you really know how to do it.
  6. Are these 100 questions enough to sit for the exam?
  7. Just don't thank me for the videos. It is icebreaker101010 who has done all the hard work. He deserves credit too. Thanks man.
  8. Hey everyone. I have asked icebreaker101010 to share the rs cram sessions here. Also, the plan with INE doesnt let me download or view workbooks, so sorry for that.
  9. Have got INE subscription for a month and willing to share it with someone who can rip the recent new series from their website. Please let me know over PM. Thank you.
  10. Ice Breaker, dude, go ahead with the russian cloud please. It is fast and reliable and that is what matters. Thanks for your amazing efforts. Really appreciate it.
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