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  1. I faced this weird variation in Hong Kong back in August. Its active everywhere.
  2. Appeared for exam in Hong Kong. Couldn't make it. I had TS3.1 Had a new diag different from D2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4 variants. In Q7 password was incorrect. Q1 i could see that the Authentication Policy was wrong aka "Internal Users" instead of "Internal Endpoints". -----> D2.0 Q2 i could see that the IP address of SW was wrong in ISE -----> D2.0 Q3 no clue Q4 there was a last snapshot stating some license matter and state "unregistered". I chose "issue with licensing" ----> D2.0 And so on with other questions. So you never know what comes up So basically all the Diag questions were shuffled
  3. Hi Thanks for sharing such wonderful data, But can anyone please share on mega as i am getting very slow speed on mention urls. Regards, Jawad
  4. Thanks for this one but please share ASM guide too
  5. somebody please upload on mega Thanks
  6. Hi all, can somebody share the video series in link below [Hidden Content] Thanks in Advance
  7. Hi shont i got it bro thanks for your reply really appreciated .
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