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  1. It's not longer available....
  2. There is a working version at the moment???
  3. Someone of you can help me with a subtitles converter? I have a lot of Cbt subtitles to share in case.
  4. I see but why my post count is 0 even if I post in threads???
  5. Why I can't send PM messages? The error says: "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account"
  6. Yeah, really. I prefer the netacad material over the book.
  7. Someone can share the 70-743 torrent file or link??? Thanks.
  8. I have the official subtitles but I need a program to convert them in srt format. So, if any of you can help me I'll upload them.
  9. Please, someone can reupload this tool? Thanks.
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