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  1. Sup CC team. I wonder if someone have those courses (from old and previous mcafeeinstitute partial site rip) still up or if anyone is willing to share/upload. [Hidden Content]
  2. Section 5 in RFID still missing part 5.2
  3. Do you have more info about that mate?
  4. Mate, do you have any recommendation for OSINT material?
  5. Anyone with 5.2 - RFID Tracking and Privacy Attacks missing part?
  6. Hi guys. If anyone have this course, please share with us. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Thanks.
  7. All links are dead. I also try to import to my Mega account but I can't download part 5 and 6.
  8. U'r definitely right man. Sharing is the way to stop or prevent scammers. I really appreciate u'r effort sharing this. You don't have idea how this will help me. Thank you very much man!
  9. anonlh

    ITIL Foundation V3

    I vote for Sybex book too! They're pretty comprehensive.
  10. anonlh

    Security track

    First of all read the bible for Web Attacks: The Web Application Hacker's Handbook. This book will contain everything that you need to know about Web Security. Then you can read The Tangled Web: A Guide to Securing Modern Web Applications which is so good as the previous one. Using these 2 books you can have a pretty good understanding about Web Attacks and Defense.
  11. I vote for meraki too.
  12. Strictly NO Exchange or trade allowed in our forum. Share section is meant for sharing things and not for doing any kind of business. Anybody found selling/trading via PM will be banned.
  13. First learn the fundamentals about Wireless Networks. Then I recommend Vivek Ramachandran's course on WiFi Penetration Testing (it's free on SecurityTube.com). You also can read the books he wrote himself. The Hacking Exposed series about Wireless (version 3) is also a good source of information.
  14. In summary no. But you can be creative in attack methods to achieve such a purpose.
  15. Thanks for sharing bro.
  16. Sup folks. I was wandering on the internet searching for material/courses about SET tool, and I found this link: http :// avaxhome. unblocker. xyz/ebooks/The_Social-Engineer_Toolkit_SET.html The links for Nitroflare are removed and the K2S links is missing part2 of the course. If someone managed to find this course, please share. Thanks.
  17. A few missing videos are online in YT. Someone have the other missing videos?
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