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  1. Simple web search with the right terms will yield the results. It's a magnet torrent link. [Hidden Content]
  2. Fulfilled all foregoing except "OB". Must be 3 characters or more.
  3. Appears to be valid to pass to date.
  4. Confirmed Valid as of 09/16/2020.
  5. Welcome back Certcollection.
  6. Presumably it appears this group has sufficient members to discuss but appears to little or no activity. Can you confirm this group is not to misrepresent its intentions.
  7. Designing Ci$co Network Service Architectures (ARCH) v3.0 Video Course File links available 7 days Please upload and re-share any links. [Hidden Content]
  8. Not at leisure to tell what to be done. But why put the .deb file in the root folder and do nothing to it? What he means is to install it after using command "dpkg -i **.deb". That downgrades. That how it works.
  9. Post the debug output of the tunnel when said issue is taking place. That will tell what the issue is or where to look.
  10. Greetings Certcollectians, Our downtime was as a result of the datacenter being hit by a storm and some of their infrastructure became unavailable, in addition CC server drives suffered some failure and needed to do manual data backup to restore the site. May you all achieve whatever CC intended. Thank you Crypt
  11. Sinnor GB file dump is shared in the share section.
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