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  1. Does anyone have the full version of ARES? The videos were posted before. Does anyone have the PDFs and the exe challenges?
  2. You download also for free on sendspace. Nothing new I offered
  3. Any guidance on how to pass Linux+
  4. Please any guidance on how to pass Security+
  5. any recommendation about how to study wireless penetration testing?
  6. please say your recommendations on advancing your security career.
  7. Ahmed117672


    My name is Ahmed. I am a security professional.
  8. Anyone here who speaks arabic?
  9. Ahmed117672


    Hello this is Ahmed. I have a bachelor degree in informatics and computer science.
  10. This is a comprehensive guide called "IOS App Reverse Engineering"... [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  11. This is the book called "Android Malware & Analysis".... [Hidden Content]
  12. This PDF is a complete analysis of the Zeus and SpyEye banking trojans... ZeusSpyEyeBankingTrojanAnalysis.pdf
  13. The file is readily available for free, but its valuable to share it as a reminder... Breaking-The-Great-Wall-Of-Web-Rafay-Baloch.pdf
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