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  1. This is a decent start also: [Hidden Content] Note: Use IE to view the videos. You can also join the Windows 10 Jumpstart which is a live event on August 14th. [Hidden Content] Greetings.
  2. Hello, The only video trainings I can find on the net so far are these ones: Udemy Windows 10 - How to get it free and how to use it [Hidden Content] Lynda Windows 10 Essential Training [Hidden Content] Pluralsight - Windows 10 Getting Started [Hidden Content] But these are just introductory/basic courses for common people, I think you should wait a while for serious trainings like this one: "Deploying Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2 using SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 CU1 and MDT 2013 Update 1" Cheers.
  3. ...not to mention that this MOC requires two physical machines ( Host 1 and Host 2 ), both with Hyper-v roles installed. Just open the file 10750_hvs.pdf on page 18 or 10751_hvs.pdf, and on the 19 page you`ll see: So yeah, good luck testing this MOC
  4. Hello guys, I have the following vhds: Base10A-WS08R2-HV Base10C-W7-HV Base11A-WS08R2SP1 MT12-CM-NYC-CFG-MID MT12-CM-NYC-DC1-MID MT12-CM-NYC-SVR1-MID MT12-CM-NYC-SVR2-MID MT12-LON-AP1 MT12-LON-DC1 MT12-LON-DM1 MT12-LON-OM1 MT12-LON-OR1 MT12-LON-SM1 MT12-LON-SQ1 MT12-LON-VM1 MT12-MIA-DC1 MT12-MIA-SQL1 If any of you need one of this vhds, let me know, eventually it would be nice if you have a FTP connection. Cheers.
  5. [Hidden Content] You need to put the Terminal Server in install mode or install through AddRemove Programs
  6. New PowerShell Cmdlets for Active Directory in Windows 8 [Hidden Content] Windows 8 Active Directory : New AD DS Deployment Cmdlets [Hidden Content]
  7. Windows Server 8 – Now with PowerShell Cmdlets for DHCP [Hidden Content]
  8. Hyper-V Cmdlets In Windows Server 8 [Hidden Content]
  9. Windows Server 8 Hyper-V Beta new scale numbers From Windows Server 8 developer preview to comsumer preview , Hyper-V have two highlighted scalability updates : 160 logical processors per host 1024 VMs per host 64 nodes per cluster 4000 VMs per cluster 32 virtual processors per VM 1 TB memory per VM (Dev Preview : this was up to 512 GB per VM) 64 TB per VHDX (Dev Preview : this was up 16TB GB per VHDX) In addition, these scalability metrics lead the industry: VMware vSphere 5.0 support up to 32 nodes in a cluster. Windows Server 8 Hyper-V supports 64 nodes. (2x over VMware) VMware vSphere 5.0 supports virtual disks up to 2 TB in size. Windows Server Hyper-V 8 supports virtual disks up to 64 TB in size (32x over VMware) While VMware supports up to 1 TB of memory per VM, you have to purchase vSphere 5.x Enterprise Plus ($3,500 per processor) and then purchase memory entitlements (taxes) to achieve this goal. Hyper-V 8 has no such tax or entitlement. Such taxes are an anathema to our customers. Every version of Windows Server 8 that ships with Hyper-V will support up to 1 TB of memory per VM. VMWare vSphere 5.0 support 3000 VMs per cluster . Windows Server 8 supports 4000 VMWare vSphere 5.0 support 512 VMs per host . Windows Server 8 supports 1024
  10. I also found this little article: Windows Server 8 - Deduplication awesomeness [Hidden Content]
  11. Module 1 - Building an Exchange Server 2010 Training Environment Lesson 1 - Overview of options for Exchange Server 2010 Lesson 2 - Building a training lab using VirtualBox Lesson 3 - Installing the server and Active Directory environment Lesson 4 - Installing Exchange Server 2010 Module 2 – Configuring Exchange Server 2010 Lesson 1 - Exchange Server 2010 overview Lesson 2 – Configuring the Mailbox Server role Lesson 3 – Configuring the Client Access Server role Lesson 4 – Configuring Message Transport Module 3 – Managing Recipients in Exchange 2010 Lesson 1 – Creating new mailboxes Lesson 2 – Bulk creating new mailboxes Lesson 3 – Moving mailboxes between databases Lesson 4 – Disabling vs removing a mailbox user Lesson 5 – Creating distribution groups Lesson 6 – Creating contacts Module 4 - Exchange Server 2010 Backup and Recovery Lesson 1 - Preparing the server for backups Lesson 2 - Backing up Exchange Server 2010 mailbox databases Lesson 3 - Restoring an Exchange Server 2010 mailbox database Lesson 4 - Restoring individual mailbox items in Exchange Server 2010 Download: [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] Kudos to Paul Cunningham from exchangeserverpro.com for this free & great training. Btw, you can access this content for free also, just by registering to his site: [Hidden Content] Greetings.
  12. This Guide include the following: Part 1. Installation Part 2. Adding Sup and WDS Part 3. Configuring Discovery and Boundaries Part 4. Configuring Client Settings and adding roles Part 5. Enable the Endpoint Protection Role and configure Endpoint Protection settings Part 6. Deploying Software Updates Part 7. Build and Capture Windows 7 X64 Part 8. Deploying Windows 7 X64 Part 9. Adding an Application, editing a Deployment Type, Copying the Deploy Task ] Part 10. Using Prestart and Extrafiles to get more out of UDA Part 11. Adding the Reporting Services Point role Part 12. Updating an Operating System image using Offline Servicing. Bonus: Importing Computers using a file in SCCM 2012 Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Thanks to Niall Brady ( Windows n00b ) Note 1: I gather all the parts into one single document, both .docx and .PDF. Note 2: This guide will be updated accordingly !
  13. Download: [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] Thanks to Raphael Perez ( dotnetwork.com.br) New Updates ! Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: this collection of videos will be updated accordingly ! Happy New Year !!
  14. Promising some “How Do I” videos to show up shortly, Bill walks through the Microsoft mindset as it pertains the improvements in ConfigMgr 2012 concerning: Putting together a complete feature set for settings an compliance Making the settings an compliance feature easier Better console monitoring and reporting of compliance Full product integration In-console monitoring for settings management Compliance and Settings Management overview Enabling remediation with settings management Settings management-revision controls of CIs Baselines for users vs devices Creating configuration items for settings management Getting Started with Software Update Management Software Update Management- monitoring and reporting part 1 Software Update Management- monitoring and reporting part 2 Software Update Management- SUP setup Software Update Management- End User Experience Automatic deployment of software updates Auto deployment rules and SUM Getting started with Endpoint Protection Endpoint Protection client deployment Endpoint Protections alerts and notifications Endpoint Protection dashboard and monitoring Antimalware (Endpoint Protection) policy management Introduction to Role Based Administration Role Based Administration Part 2 (Roles, scopes and collections) Download: [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] Thanks Rod Trent ( myitforum ) Enjoy.
  15. Hello, I`m also interested about this product, can we set a Group Buy for it ? Regards.
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