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  1. Woo~~~, my CCNP is almost expired..., thx for it!!!
  2. Great stuffs, searching on the internet~~~ now, vce 1.2 cannot be hacked... Thx for your great update!!!
  3. Jackson


    Hey, it means that reading the guide can pass it??? How much for the exam???
  4. So great info, hope that I still can register this beta exam~~~
  5. So great!!! But I think Boss likes ppl to work after Office hours and OT hahah Thx bro!!!
  6. For my knowledge..., I know that CCIE can download any IOS on Cisco site... Or any CCIE in here can help?
  7. Wanna to know is there any beta come out and let us to try it!
  8. It seems that Microsoft knows the Stock Market will drop soon, and raise it as soon as possible BTW, I think it is because M$'s exam is too demanding otherwise, they will not increase the price of the exams~~~
  9. They rise the exam price too... So expensive of Oracle and Sun right now... And they will move to VUE after June... No more Prometric...
  10. Not try it... Take Azure Beta exam... So difficult and I failed for that exam too...
  11. Well, I took the exam today So funny and so great I am very happy 1st time to see so nice and so exciting exam for Microsoft The same includes Multiple Choices and Drag n Drop and Programming and many.... An all round exam from Microsoft Excellent for them Last 3 hours for 47 questions
  12. Right now, I got the news from M$, they said that it needs to increase the exam price too...
  13. Let me try try for this exam~~~ BTW, it is so great to know that it has such new and less ppl got Certifications~~~ Nice to get it~~~ Will post the result for me when I pass or fail~~~
  14. Cannot believe it will ask some problems and skills on LPI too Redhat finds some candidates do not have basic skills on RHCE Exam? I am curious about it Because RHCE is not as difficult as CCIE But I think they will still have some epxert skills on Linux~~~ Otherwise, RHCE will not be so famous~~~
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