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  1. Any update with similar content for the Windows 2012? We just bought into their licensing and are rolling this out....thank you!
  2. I would seek out a Cisco Account Manager. Ask around or make friends with the business across the street who has the contact. The reason I say Cisco account manager is because they can get you a meeting with the Cisco Systems Engineer (SE) which is the person who really knows what they are talking about. Just tell the Cisco AM that you have budget that you need to spend ASAP or else you lose it...they will jump!
  3. Yes this works. Also, you can just google the system requirements to make sure you have the hardware in place...even for the new releases that come out. I am glad that Hyper V actually works now. So long vmware...failure to innovate any further than the hypervisor is their problem. Oh yeah, and Cisco ACI will knock out NSX very easily, it already started.
  4. Link to dump is earlier in the thread...passed today and 305questions are still valid. Even with a couple new questions still had 950+. One new question was regarding Storage VDC. You had to choose 3 true answers regarding it. All i remember: Can you have more than 2 storage VDCs? Does Storage VDC support rollback configuration. Best of luck.
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