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  1. hey .. stop complain like little childs @Karabas shared his resources... just say thank you if you like it OR if you do not like it then pass over the thread, so simple Anyway at least from my side ... @Karabas THANK YOU ... nice share
  2. Is there anybody that can share prince2 dumps? Thanks in advance!
  3. I have processed the pdf file : 1. remove the note of the owner 2. reduce the size to 5 mb without compromise the quality [Hidden Content]
  4. high quality pdf there is only a watermark in the bottom of each page that can be removed easily [Hidden Content]
  5. First of all a GREAT thanks to @shaidur for the fast reply to our request. As far as it concern the quality of workbooks i cannot beleive how inferior are compared to INE workbboks!!! The dificulty level, the explainations and the complexity between them are night and day!!! I personally willl not spent a minute on stuff like this.
  6. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. [hide][Hidden Content]] the only source you really need
  8. buddies I can find easily the IPExpert workbook but I CANNOT find nowere the initial configs. can someone re-share the initial configs from the ipexpert workbook vol 1 thank you in advance
  9. If you are going to use IOU then even an old i5 can do the job (my laptop has an i5 4th generation and 8 gb of ram). If you are going to use iosv then an i7 is needed with 16 gb of ram. If you are intended to run more complicate scenarios with crs and xrv you need a ryzen with at least 32 gb of ram. My desktop is an i7 with 32 gb of ram and i can say that i was able to run even the ccie sp labs of ine (10 iou and 2 XRv).
  10. thank you for the fast responce I have downloaded but ipexpert is missing thanks in advance
  11. I know that it sounds strange ...BUT I m looking for the INE workbook VERSION 4. I have finished the INE WB ver 5, it is amazing ...BUT it lacks full scale labs (there are only 3 full scale, 3 troubleshooting, 3 foundation, and 2 mock). The labs are great, and open eyeing, so I request the INE RSv4 to practise in full scale labs, as i know there are more or less about 40 labs. Thanks in advance!
  12. the magnet does not seed can someone to share using mega or any other way
  13. GNS3 has the server/client arch that is appealing for me too and moreover do not need to run embeded in a VM EVE NG has the UKSM patch UKSM that helps in more efficient usage of ram i m not pointing to the exam at the moment but to learn technology so i need mpls l2 vpn support (vpls, atom).
  14. I m sure that are fine but is there any change/addition? In term of ram usage the XE are causing huge problem (i use an old version of this from 2016 that is a bit lighter and support the feature i want). I think that ve-ng is lighter in term of memory than gns3 because of a patch in kernel. I personally like and prefer gns3
  15. is there any changelog? i m interested for vpls support
  16. i m testing dmvpn and hsrp... TESTING ON GNS3!!! everything runs so smooth!! please if someone notice a problem to inform us! thanks
  17. kipgrs


    As far as it concerns IOSv (Layer 3) what is the version that you use?? DMVPN/HSRP fanctioning correctly?? Can you share what you have?? thanks
  18. there are reports that dmvpn and hsrp do NOT function as expected
  19. [hide][Hidden Content]] For l3-vios the original file from VIRL is vmdk with MD5: 37C148FFA14A82F418A6E9C2B049FAFE The l3-vios converted to qcow2 has MD5: A395DB4F1AC8087B73418625799B725B
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