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  1. anyone has study guide or dump for this exam ?
  2. cciersman

    Aruba ClearPass

    me also appreciated if aynone share them
  3. thanks man do you have any other study guides for aruba ? can you please add them also ?
  4. can someone share again these documents pleaseeeee
  5. very soon dont want to say exact time. my friend attempted at brussels and he faced TS1, Diag1, Config1. he passed.
  6. why people are so worrying about TS1-2-3 ? if you solve TS1 by yourself. TS2 and 3 are realyy very easy. not a rocket science my friends... Try to understand and solve TS1 and just check TS2 and 3 what are the new things thats all...
  7. by the way R1 is ASR and R17 is IOL image..
  8. hello guys, im trying to sync R17 with R1. R1 is ntp master-server R17 is client. R17 can authenticate successfully, valid and sane. time source looks from ntp but unfortunately it shows unsynchronised ? whatever i do didnt change result.
  9. even they decide to new version v5.1 or v6 whatever it means for candidates at least 6 months old labs are still valid. if your plan longer than 6 months yes please be prepared for the new lab because current labs already valid for more than 2 years which is quite good enough for a ccie lab exam..
  10. how about the TS and config which versions of them you face at exam ? TS1-2-3 ? config1 ?
  11. check routing info at R1 for network.
  12. how about brussel ? i m planning to take exam at brussel very soon.
  13. hello guys, i am trying to simulate ipphone, dot1x and mab sections with my dell server. my issue is i connect my server nic1 to phone sw port and nic2 to phone pc port. and at esxi i didnt tag any vlan value it none (0) for now. i made the phone sw port connection with cloud to dot1x sw and i just created voice vlan under the ethernet interface but whatever i do i couldnt see that phone receives ip address from voice vlan anyone have experience with that ? ill appreciated.
  14. i have an interesting problem which is like: %PLATFORM-2-SIGNATURE_FAILED: Image '/L2-AdvEnterpriseK9-M_152_May_2018.bin' failed code signing checks, error 'Failure in opening the file'. Ethernet switching has been disabled to protect against attack. i also found some other guys who have the same problem but i didnt understand how they solve it ? [Hidden Content] anybody have the problem and solve it already ? thanks.
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