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  1. I think it's time for moderators to introduce Cisco's new Cloud track as a new subsection. For now Cisco released CCNA Cloud and CCNP Cloud Certifications and I believe CCIE Cloud won't take too much time. It would be nice to have seperate Cloud section both for discussing the technology and sharing guide and exam materials. Wouldn't it be good?
  2. serpence

    Lab 7

    Guys, Looks like the deducted points in section 2,4 and 5 are repairable. They could be either fixed or it does not matter even if we lose some points. But how about section 6? Did anyone figure out why everyone gets 0? This way you can not pass the exam even if you score 100 in every one of them. We got only one month left.
  3. It is not working. Someone please help
  4. Hello, I wanted to share with you Cisco Selling Business Outcomes (810-403) Dump 70q. Enjoy. [Hidden Content]
  5. Hello, Could you please share Vmware 2V0-641? [Hidden Content] Thank you
  6. Hello Argentina, Do you have this one? 2V0-641 - VCP6-NV
  7. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. I also want to prepare for the VCP6-NV (2V0-641) exam and could use your experiences.
  8. Thank you very much sridu. I really appreciate it. I am thinking about taking it in a month. If anyone uses this dump, please comment on validity.
  9. Hey guys, Does noone have any interest in this? Has anyone you know took this exam? Please share your experience
  10. Yes, I am sure of these changes. However there are still 4 wrong answers on that dump. You should try to find what others are.
  11. Q5 CDE Q7 A Q39 It doesn't say facility security aspect, it says binds the policy to an SGT Q40 A Q41 B Q71 On the client config it does not say ezvpngroup it says ezvpngrop. So the answer is correct. I have done all of this and scored higher than 950. However there were still some mistakes. Look for them.
  12. New? You are the one who is junior member not me. Get your facts straight.
  13. Passed! All of the questions come from 100q, so do not fear. I want to thank newcayman for sharing the questions.
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