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  1. Hello Guys, I know maybe it seems weird to ask this question regarding which Wireshark course is the best, because maybe most of you for sure does not see all courses to judge, but I want your reviews about any of these courses if you watched any... or which instructor is the best to explain Wireshark? Attached is a photo of Wireshark courses list.
  2. Everyone can search youtube and post videos.. what is the offer in this?!!! at least post links for example for the paloalto.ova file so now we can consider somehow offer
  3. Hello Folks, Could anyone help me and upload Check Point VPN course [for CCSA & CCSE professionals]-2020 udemy course? This will be a great help for me as I plan to take CCSA exam this month. Thanks in advance
  4. Mega link or drive Please guys
  5. Any corrected version of the dump please?
  6. Can anyone upload it in mega or google drive please
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