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    CCIE SP v4.1Lab

    Thanks for sharing Ihawks. Sorry to hear you didn't pass. Any more details you can share ?
  2. Hi, I've been reading in the forum about lab1, lab2 and now lab3 that either they were out or are out for the lab CCIE SP. But I cannot seem to find info about those labs here in the forum. Where are they available ? Thanks.
  3. Anybody knows how much focus is really put into LISP, MLDP and those not "so common" protocols, in the lab exam ? Thanks.
  4. kilombok

    BGP label issue

    Besides the AD issue between EIGRP and BGP, I haven't labbed this, but I could suppose you also have an issue because you are running the iBGP sessions between loopbacks, which in turn are known via the IGP which is EIGRP and is not sync with LDP or any other label distribution protocol. You could try to run the iBGP sessions between the connected interfaces. (don't forget the "mpls bgp forwarding" command under the interfaces !!!!, or if you are using IOS XR the /32 static route to the connected interface on the other side !) In turn, you won't be requiring an IGP anymore. If you could try this out, and let us know what was the outcome it would be great !
  5. I think that considering this is a option B there should be only one label between both ASBRs. This is because there is no IGP label between them, because no IGP is running between the ASBRs. The only label is the exchanged between them in the vpnv4 BGP session. If this was a option C then yes there would be 2 labels. The BGP (RFC3107) label + the VPN label exchanged between the RR's from each AS in the vpnv4 session.
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