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  1. Today Prep4sure V13.75 released with 148q... worth it? Anybody has tried it?
  2. Prep4sure old's V12.95 had 102q, now they have released V13.35 with 135q... do you think it is worth to buy? Anybody has tried it?
  3. Examcollection on its site has 180 questions as well, but it looks like an error, scrolling down the page the number of questions in the file are 108. I think I saw Pass4sure questions some weeks ago and were 180q already...
  4. I have sum up all the times from the 10 videos from chapter "02. Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Part 2 - Application Centric Mode" and last for 3h 44m 15s, exactly the same as stated on INE's webpage for the current v3 course. I think these videos are from v2 but INE hasn't updated them on v3. The videos missing in the collection are not yet released by INE as per the information in the webpage.
  5. Hi, Can anybody share the following DC books for the CCIE v3.0 preparation? - Data Center Fundamentals - NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching: Next-Generation Data Center Architectures, 2nd Edition - Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) - I/O Consolidation in the Data Center - Storage Networking Fundamentals - Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals - Troubleshooting Cisco Nexus Switches and NX-OS Thanks!
  6. Got the NSE4-5.6 guides! Thank, download and enjoy [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] BTW: Please share dumps if you find any.
  7. I'm taking the exam next week, see the 89q dump with the corrections I made (highlighted) and revert with your suggestions. [hide][Hidden Content]] Please provide the new bunch of 14-16 new questions that don't appear in the 89q, even though it should be enough to pass as only a 60% score is required.
  8. Hi all, Does anybody have the FortiGate I & II study guides for the recently released NSE4 v5.6? I'm also looking for dumps if there's any Thanks!
  9. Hi all, Not sure if sharing CBT Nuggets Training from Keith Barker is legal (at least I won't do it) but I'm sure you can get it from somewhere else... I'm sharing a Linux VM with Apache installed and configured to build the lab that Keith uses for all the videos: same interfaces, same IP addressing, same webpages... just open the OVA and place it on your hypervisor with all the settings explained by Keith and the couple of F5 BIG-IP VE ADCs. Worth to mention that they're not the CBT Nuggets red/green/blue official VMs, it's just one home-made Linux OVA with virtual interfaces configured and assigned each to a different index page. [Hidden Content] The addressing for your virtual NICs should be: VMnet1 (host only) - Management - VMnet0 (bridged) - External - VMnet2 (host only) - Internal - VMnet3 (host only) - HA - The addressing that you should configure on your couple of F5 Big-IP VE ADCs is: MGMT ADC1: EXT ADC1: INT ADC1: HA ADC1: MGMT ADC2: EXT ADC2: INT ADC2: HA ADC2: EXT VIP: INT VIP: The addressing of the 5 virtual web servers contained on the Linux VM is: SRV1: SRV2: SRV3: SRV4: SRV5: Now thank, study, lab... and enjoy
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