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  1. Can anyone please upload the image PA-VM-ESX-9.0.0.ova for EVE-ng & VMware
  2. Guys i have CCNA Security INE videos. Please suggest that is this enough for CCNA Security as i'm planning to go for CCNA Security Certification. My Study Plan is as follows To understand every concept explained in INE videos After understanding the concept do research about the topic By research i mean reading from Cisco DOC, Wikipedia and other websites to get a more clear understanding about the concept After getting the concept applying those concepts in Labs i.e in CLI on different versions of ASA and then practicing on ASDM To get the clear understanding of the commands i can take help of cisco docs or CCNA Security Command Reference Guide. Guys please suggest if all of this is enough or do i need to go for some more resources.
  3. If anyone has please share it here
  4. Someone please reupload the links are not working anymore
  5. Can someone please help me out. It would be a gr8 help
  6. Can someone please help me out on this. It would be a great help
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