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    Hey Everyone

    Just joined the forum. Looking forward to exchanging thoughts as we all chase our certifications. Hoping to get a few knocked out this year such as ITIL Foundations, CCNP DC, Vmware VCP. Lots to do! Cheers!
  2. Anyone have any feedback on using GNS3 vs Cisco VIRL (ignoring cost for now) for topology setup/configuration and testing. I worked with GNS3 in the past and it was a bit of a pain depending on the size of the topology. I've not worked with VIRL yet though. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone have any feedback on potential labs, materials, study guides around learning Skype for Business (Lync)? Just curious if anything like this exists in MOC or otherwise. Haven't seen much. Thanks.
  4. I think it depends on the sector you're looking to work in. If you're looking to work for a VAR/Partner/Reseller who represents a few leading mfg (Ie. Cisco, MS, Vmware, EMC, etc.) then the needs will vary. We've struggled to find senior level talent in the collaboration, data center, and security analyst space. Also will depend if you're talking post-sales or pre-sales level resources. Just my 2cents.
  5. Did anyone manage to get the missing lessons?
  6. Hello, I've been thinking about studying for and taking the ITIL Foundations exam and was just looking for some input. I'm looking for some input on how much time was put into studying for this exam (assuming non-dump studying). It's not a core area in my current position but I'm evaluating whether it makes sense to pursue in my spare time depending on the rough time investment vs other certifications. Appreciate any feedback.
  7. Appreciate you reposting this. Curious if anyone has been through this courseware and knows if it is good prep for the NP DC exams?
  8. I'd recommend starting with a foundation of CCNA Collab then CCNP Collab. The CCNA level material will give you a basic premise and the CCNP Collab materials and exams will fill in a lot of the gaps. Without experience the CCIE Collab is a pretty big challenge. If you've studied for a CCIE in the past or have one then you will have an idea of what to expect. Then it will come down to how well you can absorb the material. Lab access either remote or home/work lab will be essential to pass the lab portion of the CCIE Collab. Just my 2cents.
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