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  1. Keen to join this group as well! Going for my lab late this year and need to prepare.
  2. @ak89pk Please add me to when you have time. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks, well we hope so Along with alot of reading, cbt's and practical application
  4. Congrats man!!! What you moving on to next?
  5. your nat config looks fine... try traceroute to isolate the issue further. Is the traffic even getting to R20?
  6. dbanks

    ipexpert bootcamp

    Dont bother going IPX, personally INE has the best material ever - i sound like kanye west...
  7. What code are you running? Try update your IOS.
  8. Which TS is this? If it is Alinux2 then I did this: Q8: Solution: correct vrf export/import on R3 and R4 ip ospf cost 200 on e2/0 of R4 and R6 no shut int e0/0 of R9 Very happy to be corrected however with only the above I was able to get reach-ability sorted.
  9. To add to the above, definitely use an intel processor... I have a quad core AMD and 32Gb ram and I still run into issues often...
  10. dbanks

    Failed Lab yesterday

    Hi bud, sorry about that... You will pass the next time! Don't get discouraged! What did you mean by > and the changes mentioned in forum.
  11. dbanks

    Got the number :)

    Congrats!!! Well done!!! Great Achievement!!! Enjoy your number
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