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  1. I was meaning the CCIE labs. Looks like they have reopened most of the lab exam sites. I think Richardson and Bangalore are expected to be closed until the new year.
  2. Some of the testing centers have reopened and I am wondering if anyone has been there. What type of precautions or procedures have they put in place?
  3. I picked up both awhile ago when they first offered the combo pack and they are pretty comprehensive. The pair of workbooks covered all of CCIE SP 4 and cover about 80% of the topics for SP 5
  4. Yes, it is an ebook plus the VIRL/EVE-NG pre-configuration files.
  5. How far along are you in the workbook? What are you using for a lab? I am using CML 2.0 I plan to start working the workbook sometime in August.
  6. I would like to join the skype group as well. Please add me if there is one
  7. Any update on these new questions?
  8. Please add me as well
  9. If you start a group, please include me
  10. Please add me to this study group
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