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  1. any other altenative software that can read VCE file. I hate this softare why we have to subscribe everymonth!!! as I believe they are taking dump question for free...
  2. Hi All.. from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Nice to meet all of you.. sorry for bumping this 7 years thread.
  3. thanks networkassin, you have inspired me. I graduated from uni with network course and get an offer to work as Helpdesk a year before graduated. During Helpdesk I manage to get CCNA and when internal hiring opened i got an offer to move to network team. just after moved in in network my manager send me to attend training. I was selected among the newbie and senior (L1 senior) and the other guy was selected is from L2. Now I am process of getting CCNA wireless. I am thinking to move out from operation and want to be network engineer (engineering team) like you rather than sitting with service manager and ticketing.. how do i start? many thanks.
  4. Wow.. Congratulation.. did you do any LAB? CCNA wireless seems to required LAB Wireless. I am now in process of study this course but couldn't find any LAB or Simulator.
  5. lvl9


    I am reading 2012 thread..
  6. Thanks for sharing,, i have been looking for this..
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