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  1. torrent with full course of 11 videos, credit to original uploader [Hidden Content]
  2. thanks no worries i can wait for sure i was just zipping folders to put on a to-view-list and save space thank you very much again
  3. Hi @Deathdodger do you have the 2 missing videos that i asked you before? sorry for re-asking i don't want to be impolite i am just not sure if you saw my previous question
  4. i think they added new videos which are missing can anyone with access to cbt get those 8 videos from folder "Master YANG Data Models for the Real World" [Hidden Content]
  5. magnet, credit to original uploader [Hidden Content]
  6. Hi @Ohmzy no i didn't find them, waiting for Deathdodger
  7. yeah you are right about compressed files. i had tried only the pdfs which are plain in the torrent but it's ok. all pdfs are inside compressed file and password works
  8. @Deathdodger i think the password to pdfs is not working
  9. Hi @Deathdodger is it possible to upload somewhere the following two videos 1. Network Infrastructure Features & Protocols (ENCOR) ----> VLAN Trunking Protocol (seems to be missing) 5. Understand Network Architectures (ENCOR) ----> SD-WAN Configuration & Troubleshooting ---> vManage Templates (i know you uploaded the SDWAN videos to CCIE enterprise i was asking you this, but i think they added this new video so i am asking this here since they have the SDWAN also to CCNP enterprise)
  10. hi @Deathdodger i was checking some videos on this series so i unzipped the folders and when i zipped them back i noticed that with 7z the final files are smaller. the whole folder is 12.9GB instead of 13.5GB so if you want check it next time. it saves space for all. thanks again for this
  11. hi @Deathdodger can you please take a look at folders 34 and 50. there is one video missing. and if possible can you recheck the last folder 64 as well thanks again for the upload
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