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  1. Took the exam today. Passed with flying colors. CCIE Security Written Dumps-edited_167 still valid, Pay attention to variations of the same question. No Drag N Drop, Here is the link to download the dump. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Hello all, which is the correct Q167 file to follow ? CCIE Security Written Dumps-edited OR CCIE Security Written Dumps
  3. Guys dont worry. One of my friends just took the exam and he said dump is valid.
  4. Can someone respond to me if the highlighted answers are correct or the answers mentioned are correct in the Edited file?
  5. In the Edited 167 Q file which answers are correct ? The Yellow Highlighted ones or the ones mentioned below the answers ? Some of the answers are straightforward but some are confusing as the wrong answer is highlighted but the answer mentioned as correct is below.
  6. DCsmart

    Cisco 500-490

    I dont think that this dump is complete. Exam will have more questions
  7. Can anyone kindly share this File again ? When I installed it but cant boot the devices. seems like the IOSs are not there at all.
  8. This has only 139 Questions, Is this correct dump or the 177 Q dump is correct ?
  9. Please share the questions in word format if any one have or passed recently am appearing in next week.
  10. Is this dump valid ? Can someone confirm if this dump is still valid ?
  11. Unfortunately, We have no update if 177Q is still valid. If someone has taken the exam, they havent posted the update here yet
  12. Juseba seems to be is a fake guy. only 2 posts ! Someone is trying to sell the solution
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