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  1. Whats the date on the dump please ? I have just checked with spoto and their dump says 120 q ? maybe they forgot to update either way what date is this from please ?
  2. Seems spoto updated dump has 120 questions on it. Anyone care to share ?
  3. And alot of sections are missing ... its not exactly complete but thanks for the effort
  4. anyone got these ? can you reupload please ?
  5. these are just the images correct ? you cant actually run cml 2 ?
  6. Downloaded version 16 how do i register it ? Everyone is saying they upgraded to 18 and 19 but ... how do you register it ?
  7. yes Check this one. For those who are in need of INE CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. hide Hidden Content Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. Let me know if the link is hidden or not.
  8. It should work , make sure you send the entire course , make sure you have movie in the eigrp section number 25.
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