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  1. This was actually very helpful thanks!
  2. Does anyone have this book? [Hidden Content]
  3. Hey, Does anyone have the pdfs or labfiles for Udemy - Android Hacking and Pentesting course? [Hidden Content]
  4. Anyone got any new links to this? All links in this forum seems to be dead
  5. Does anyone have Udemy - TCP/IP Training? All links in this forum seems to be dead or premium.
  6. here you go. Cheers to atheesh for the post in the first place [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. anyone have the file? I have a huge wordlists collection and I can try a dictionary attack
  8. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] search and forum and you can find more
  9. thanks for sharing anyone know how to remove the watermark without damaging the pdf
  10. it looks like it is the one from strategic sec
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