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  1. Please, do not spam this topic asking to be added. As it is written, send a PM to CISCOCISCOCCIE if you wanna join the group.
  2. I could be interested by the 3 maths webinars from R. Traylor if someone have them : [Hidden Content],_Graph_Theory,_and_Reliable_Network_Design [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] If nobody have them, did at least someone attend those ? What was your opinion ? Thanks !
  3. Closing this topic since it already has been shared here : [Hidden Content]
  4. Hello, Please read the Board Rules and especially the last part, you'll find your answer : [Hidden Content]
  5. You don't need to ask 25 times per second to reupload the file. One time is enough. I cleaned the useless spam from this topic. If someone want to reupload they will, just wait patiently. Thank you for your comprehension.
  6. This is near to cross the line. You are allowed to have an opinion and this is why I didn't delete your post but flamming a member (especially an Honorary member) is not allowed and won't be tolerated. Next time, we'll have to act severely. bvn63 is one of the (too) few people that is sharing and giving his own time to the community continuously so please, don't depreciate his work. Especially since you are not forced to use his links if you don't like his way to contribute. Thank you for your comprehension.
  7. Please, use the already created post about this matter : [Hidden Content] Closing this one. Thank you for your comprehension.
  8. Yeah, this is the case since the 25th of July. The issue was reported to the administrators during August. Unfortunately, no more infos on this matter, we just have to be patient I guess ;-)
  9. Closing this post since there is already an active post on the subject : [Hidden Content]
  10. As @NG23 stated, PM him if you wanna join this group. We won't tolerate "add me plz" spam posts. Thank you for your comprehension.
  11. You (all) should maybe try to write this on twitter, or cisco forums, or anywhere cisco could read this and that is public ;-) Otherwise, not sure they become aware that a lot of people are looking for more slots and they need to add more. Especially since CCIE R&S is about to die in its current form and they are focusing on the new one.
  12. There is nothing from the "Recent Webinars" at the bottom of this page : [Hidden Content] So, at first glance, I would say that the share looks to be from content leaked around early 2018 (there is content from this period in the share) by the "team phrozen hell". But maybe @whatareyou have some other gifts in his sack ;p No, you should have all the folders listed in the first post.
  13. This is super awesome ! I was looking for those resources for so long... Oh and you edited & added even more resources, amazing, thank you ! I downloaded the first version (that was around 2.6 GB) and it looks very good (Moving the topic to "Other shares", this is not entirely Cisco focused And since this is the first time we get a real ipsace share, I'm pinning it as well)
  14. Hello, I don't think H2 is dead and that you should lower anything. But if you want to take risks & be more nervous on the d-day, you could lower the priority of one of the configs yeah ;-)
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