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  1. have you tried following? 1) before closing lab in eve-ng ,export all configs and set the configurations to exported. 2) before starting all the nodes again , select wipe all nodes, and then start again.
  2. Allavsoft is working all good, try win10 if not working on other OS.
  3. @mavis , please delete this post from here, as I created it by mistake in wrong forum. actual post is here. [Hidden Content]
  4. Hi Everyone, For CCIE SP LAB the blue print for network Automation, what would be a better strategy for preparation ? , as they include Ansible and Python. any one knows what type of questions appear in real LAB from this section? the topics include as below 6.2. Network Automation 6.2.a. Design, deploy and optimize NSO service packages (Yang model, template-based, python-based, fastmap, reactive fastmap, CLI NEDs, NETCONF NEDs, NSO northbound integration using REST and RESTCONF). 6.2.b. Design NFV orchestration (NFVO) using NSO and ESC in an ETSI NFV architecture. 6.2.c. Design and deploy Model-driven telemetry on XR devices (Yang models, gRPC, GPB, device configuration, collection architecture) 6.2.d. Deploy and Optimize Ansible playbook scripts that interacts with NSO, IOS-XE and IOS-XR devices Thanks.
  5. just an update!!! , if anyone interested in this section (mentioned in the subject) or any other section of INE workbook , follow this post . may be it could help someone who cannot afford to buy this valuable stuff.(workbooks, videos and other stuff are included as well)
  6. Hi, is anybody aware of eve-ng installed on ubuntu 18.04? below link shows that it is possible, but not sure what are the steps? preferably bare install. [Hidden Content]
  7. Hi @CertCollect69, any idea about this eve-ng pro shared here ( eve-ng-pro_2.0.4-21_amd64.deb ) works on ubuntu 18.04 bare metal ? in the below link on page 13 & 14 , it says that supported OS for bare installation is Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS x64. ? [Hidden Content] Thanks.
  8. Thanks for your feedback, one thing i have notied on GNS 3 regarding XRV is when I connect int G0/0/0/0/1 inside config , outside the interface id on GNS3 gui is g0/0/0/2 , whereas on csr1000v its opposite, config the interface g2 and on gui connect g1. not sure why its not 1to1 alignment between config and GUI connection on interfaces ? I believe these are kind of Troubleshooting labs and Mock labs .... but I havent seen anyone has shared these in the forum here?
  9. Hi @mi0, I am not sure where to download this section?, I was looking for this specific section on the following link.Thanks. [Hidden Content] CCIE SP v4 Assessment Labs CCIE SP v4 Assessment Lab CCIE SP v4 Assessment Lab Solutions CCIE SP v4 Troubleshooting Lab 1 CCIE SP v4 Troubleshooting Lab 1 Solutions CCIE SP v4 Expanded Lab CCIE SP v4 Expanded Lab Solutions CCIE SP v4 Troubleshooting Lab 2 CCIE SP v4 Troubleshooting Lab 2 Solutions CCIE SP v4 Challenge Lab CCIE SP v4 Challenge Lab Solutions
  10. Hi Everyone, by any chance , anyone got these INE CCIE SPv4 Assessment Labs ,which include troubleshooting section ,can share? Thanks.
  11. Hi Everyone, Just trying to understand what these terms means e.g (Diag1+2 Mix, Tshoot 3.3 , CFG2+) , and where to find the related LAB information to these ? Thanks.
  12. Hi Everyone, can someone share the installer of Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) 5.2 (linux) ? There could be one available on Devnet but its NSO 5.3 , but I am in need of NSO5.2 . Thanks. [Hidden Content]
  13. Hi @root0 I am in need of NSO 5.2 installer (linux), its on Cisco website on below link, I dont have access to this download page. [Hidden Content] would you be able to download and share? Thanks
  14. Is any body aware regarding what documentation is included in CCIE spv5 lab for MVPN? as in INE MVPN video series instructor recommended not to memorize 26(IOS) + 26(IOSXR) profiles and instead refer to the documentation provided by Cisco....
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