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  1. does csr1000v commands also apply to IOSv-L3 images? as both belong to IOS enterprise routing suit or are there any major differencences ?
  2. Hi Everyone, I have a project in EVE-NG -community edition with CSR1000v routers with initial configurations saved within the project for each CSR1000v router in the topology. due to heavy CPU requirements of CSR 1000v, am looking to use IOL or IOSv or Dynamips router image instead of CSR1000v. my eve project has default image setting for CSR1000v , is it possible that I edit my project to use IOL/IOSv/Dynampis image instead of CSR1000v , with the same initial configuration used for CSR1000v ? Thanks in advance.
  3. mit12345

    Working Viptela Lab

    How may Max vEdges you can run on your RYZEN9 including 1vManage , 1vBond and 2vSmart ?Here I am just trying to estimate how much larger topology we can build using AMD Ryzen 3900x on EVE-NG?
  4. Yes, contents of workbook is of good quality, and since no good materials are available for this particular CCIE SP track lab preparation, its good to support them by buying , also added advantage is , you get updates when they update their workbooks.
  5. is your EVE-NG on Ryzen 3800X is on BareMetal or in Nested Virtualization(VMware)?
  6. also plain XRV is depricated, only XRV K9 is being continued.However for current Lab v5 plain XRV might be enough though.
  7. Thanks, if it works on your Ryzen 3800X , then would it also work on Ryzen 3900X ? are both processors architecture similar?
  8. Do Eve-ng works fine with the above commands for xrvk9 64 bit?
  9. Hi Everyone, Does any one has knowledge about support of IOS XR 64 bit on AMD Ryzen processors or specifically on AMD Ryzen 3900X? AMD processors offer cheaper price per Core/Thread, but if they dont run the XR devices then its not worth the price.. apparently IOS XR 9k does not boot up and only works on Intel based processor. some information on related link below. [Hidden Content]
  10. Hi Everyone, Any body got these courses , kindly share , Thanks. @mustafa86 were you able to find any good courses on the NSO ?
  11. are these workbooks Ebook(softcopy) or paper books(Hardcopy) ?
  12. Unable to download, no link visible, please share the link.Thanks
  13. Just to mention , These above links have been written by Luc De Ghein from Cisco( master teacher of MVPN's and MPLS etc)
  14. Hi Everyone, To our friends from CISCO:Can you share here the following links for Next-Gen MVPN study? as we do not have Cisco VPN access.Thanks Theory-of-mVPN (Excellent!) [Hidden Content] Configure mVPN Profiles Within Cisco IOS: [Hidden Content] Configure mVPN Profiles Within Cisco IOS-XR: [Hidden Content] Troubleshooting mVPN on IOS-XR: [Hidden Content] Inter-AS mVPN: [Hidden Content] Thanks.
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