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  1. Hi, as I said, only used materials from the juniper website. You just need to look at exam objectives and google the topics. There will be wery detiled documents on the firs page. [Hidden Content] Like for the Application-Aware Security Services topic you can find all the neded info in the "AppSecure Services Feature Guide for Security Devices" guide here: [Hidden Content] UTM: [Hidden Content] IPS: [Hidden Content] User Firewall: [Hidden Content] L2 security: [Hidden Content] +mac sec [Hidden Content] for security director and sdsn you can use admin guides: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  2. Hello. I passed JNCIP-SEC last week. I only used Juniper documentation available on the web site and did labs with vsrx and security director. I was unable to download policy enforcer, but juniper documentation was enough for scoring 75% in SKY ATP section. There were like 4 - 5 questions on that section and only one regarding policy enforcer. I was planning to spend 2 week prepairing fo this exam, but ended up with only 4 days left before last day for my recertification. Juniper documenttion is realy good, you don't need any additional material for the exam.
  3. The correct answers are B and D. ipv6 is not supported for BGP in 7.1, it was added in MP-BGP starting from 8.0 [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] I will check other questions some time later.
  4. Yes, you are correct. "The command show system resources gives a snapshot of Management Plane (MP) resource utilization including memory and CPU. This is similar to the ‘top’ command in Linux." [Hidden Content]
  5. Hi. Sorry for the late responce. It seams I cannot reply to pm's, please send me your email. P.S. I can only sell 3 vouchers atm.
  6. Hello. I have juniper vauchers valid till december 2016. Send me you contact details if interested.
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