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  1. @RagnaR0k Dear Friend, We were expecting version 10 of CHFI, not of CEH. rk
  2. I am also waiting for v10. Didn't find anywhere. Please upload @RagnaR0k
  3. @rahulkashyap You've shared write ups of many exams overall, all seem to go. Can you please compile all those together and share the link? RK
  4. @rahulkashyap The mega link for write ups is dead. Please share again. With thanks, RK
  5. @pureshyboy There is no official cert guide yet for : 300-415 ENSDWI Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (SDWAN300) But you can find 2-SD WAN books of Cisco here: [hide][Hidden Content]] The above link was originally shared by @tronny @jahe the official cert guide of CLCOR too can be found there. With thanks, RK
  6. Dear Sahil, May I make one more request.... Share the CCNP Security stuff of the same quality with me. Emails / Skype not allowed. Read the rules or get banned. With thanks, RK
  7. @rawr1, mega is sabotaging your uploads. Kindly share again somewhere such as google drive or anywhere else? Please RK
  8. @rawr1 the link is dead, please share another link. Mega has deleted it. Do something to get it back. RK
  9. Wonderful resources for CCNA security at
  10. alik66178

    CEH v10 Study group

    Hello friends, I am selfstudying CEH v10 and I establised the lab for practice. As a host machine, I am using windows server 2012 R2. I have installed: 1. MSSQL Server Express 2017 2. IIS 3. VMware V15 4. 2-websites in IIS (goodshopping.com, and moviescope.com) which I downloaded from internet. 5. WAMP server I have successfully connected both websites and able to access those. When I tried to login, in goodshopping.com it's working, but not on moviescope.com. Here is the configuration related to my setup in attachment. Thank you.
  11. Please upload CHFI v9 Tools, particularly: Essential Tools, Additional Tools I solicit cooperations from you all. With thanks, Ali
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