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  1. Hi anyone buy from passsplabs ... you are hear about their policy? they need that you provide your cisco id... I want to know feedback about they. What another good vendor like c4c, spoto?
  2. Perplejo say that spoto is fake
  3. Yeah bro, explan, cause when you pay, their policy say that we Need to provide cisco id
  4. Howmasterthis


    Hi guys, Anyone buy from PASSSPLABS? what is your opinion about their policy?? thanks alot
  5. Hi root, How can i get the keys? what's mean "icq" 557133 ? how is the procedure to obtain the key?
  6. yeah, question pretty the same, answers most are wrong, but I think is enough to pass, but if you miss some correct answers you will fail.
  7. I mean, the question are pretty the same, but the solutions so much is wrong
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