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  1. Hi folks. Please share student ebook for RH318 REV v4.3 Tnx.
  2. [Hidden Content] redhat.test-inside.ex294.v2020-10-19.by.bence.39q.pdf
  3. cheap Dell XPS 9500? u are good advertwriter
  4. its not for RHEL8, questions and answers probably from RHEL5 or RHEL6. Dont waste time.
  5. dont use it, its a pure shit learn student ebook, train more
  6. omg, u dont use gooogle? [Hidden Content]
  7. RHCE same ex294, now, duration 4 hours. Im not angry to ugly peopls.
  8. The Chinese man has messed up the questions so much that it is difficult to understand what he is writing, especially after the translator. The Chinese answers is not correct, almost all. He was a poor student and probably a monkey-developer. There are 15 questions, he has not written 5 more there was more in the old link.
  9. some rats passed this exam, but not share answers. some rats from redhat tell here - useless questions, questions not same. rats it is a who use forum info and not provides feedback, its a truth of life in this thread sorry. No one owes nothing to nobody
  10. nope nope im not supermarket
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