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  1. rhcsa very simple exam whithout stupid containers and other hard thems. Its just localhost admin, no more, super simple exam with create users, mount devices and connect to ldap doamin with kerberos cert. how u prepare to exam it is a you're problem, if you purchase exam - pass it, anyone dont ask you - how you are learn before. Dont think about containers...rhsa is a exam for noobz.
  2. FYI ex407=ex294, so dump from ex294 same for ex407
  3. Throw this shit in the trash and don't waste time. The forum has e-books from redhat, read, learn, create a test environment and train, train. Losers watch dumb videos, smart people read books and practice every day.
  4. look at the trend, the creation of flatpacks, snap packs, redhat modules ... does this remind you of anything? Microsoft has long since fallen headlong into hell dll? The exe + dll paradigm, I carry everything with me and shit into the system? All these degradations are the efforts and desires of these monkeys to simplify the deployment of their shit applications, the paradigm that goes against the canons - the libraries lie there, the version changes only according to the cycle of distributions.
  5. @CiscoWhoIsCo: "It's useless to keep moaning and trying to be an elitist" - u made my day! as already written above, the new generation of devops are monkeys capable only of repeating ready-made instructions, for some reason everyone forgets that in Linux the main thing is to understand what is under the hood, to be able to open this hood, and write everything from scratch, or adjust so that the efficiency is 150- 200% And devops will delete-install-read the instructions 100 times, and I noticed that no one wants to go under the hood, why? You can just ask on the forum.
  6. Another flock of the same stupid animals are network administrators, previously they manually wrote in their language for birds little-understandable commands from a short alphabet, now they lazily launch playbooks and are even more lazy. This is of course convenient, but software solutions will not leave a chance for any network glands, except perhaps for border transport networks where thick optics go ... all this old school and all this circus and clowns will go down in history, because the ansible will bury it out of laziness.
  7. @CiscoWhoIsCo DO407 is outdated and replaced by EX294 - nope, false, ex294 is cutted version 407, 407 is exam for architest level, ex294 for noobz-admins, very bottom level, becase now created rh358 as u say, so 294 is for newbs nothing more, for monkeys without brain. Its rude but true, becase 294 users not have info and skill from old RH254 for RHEL6 and RHEL7....its info now in rh358. I dont see any big improvements in Ansible 2.8 from 2.7 So, do407 rocksolid but ex294 piece of shit. IMHO its situation because rh254 from rhel7 very hard exam for pass, some peps succefully pass exam after 2-3 attempts, ansible greate tool, but .... its create for admins - monkeys, which live in papper box with label Ansible...devops is now is a dev-monkeys These are yesterday's developers who today have become devops, and all developers are monkeys who need simpler and more understandable programming, ansible gives such an understandable programming, but without experience these devops are just beginners and nothing more. All this hype about Kubernetis, about software-defined solutions like OpenVSwitch, Ceph, Openstack, etc., has created this phenomenon, and ansible inspires false impressions that infrastructure as a code is simple, it is just a lie. This only creates complex solutions and hard-to-find errors, and without the ability to understand and solve problems, these devops ... live only inside a cardboard box and then they can do nothing ... no bash, no scripts ... Vanilla openstack is a set of crutches and props, the one who has spent half his life on his code can correct errors in the ceph .... something more or less working in openvswitch? who will take responsibility to implement it in the product? Only a company that has deep expertise in this, like a redhat
  8. what fairy tale did you read to write this here?
  9. it was an experiment, now I know we have rats here
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