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  1. when I look at sander I either want to sleep or I'm curious when sander says nonsense, not always but it happens
  2. becase best only redhat cources or student ebook and training environment from redhat, nothing else, its best solution. Any other books,ebooks, videocources from Sander or from AnyAcademy is fokin shit and waste ur time/money and ur lifetime
  3. omg,again useless Sander? noooo, nooo
  4. dude, use f***in search in forum, click to link
  5. man, use ur brain, just change for example xml extension to html and open with chrome. Or open xml with Notepad++ end change any <code> with <b> and </code> with </b> and save as html. omg.
  6. stil april 31 or may, idk
  7. Dear community Please anyone share do407 2.7 dump or remembered questions. Tnx for advance.
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