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  1. Do you have the latest for CIVND and CICD? Thank you!
  2. Hi, Do you have the new CIVND and CICD? Thank you!
  3. Good sir, do you have the new CICD & CIVND?
  4. Good sir! Do you have updated files for CICD & CIVND? Greatly appreciated!
  5. Thank you good sir! Do you also have materials for CIVND?
  6. Hi Guys, Do you have any news regarding training materials/videos for the new CCNA Collaboration Track? CBT Nuggets is still WIP in terms of the training videos as of this writing. Any recommendations on how to study and what materials should be used given that this is a relatively new track? Thank you!
  7. Hi Guys, Starting with CCNA Voice/Video/Collaboration Track. Just finished my 500-007 and hopefully my 500-006 next week. Just wanted to know what study materials do you have for CCNA Collaboration? Checked CBT Nuggets but the training materials there are not yet complete. And btw, this may be an old question but - Is CCNA Voice content okay to review in preparation for CCNA Collaboration? Any advise/suggestions?
  8. Do you have materials for the CCNA Collaboration track?
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