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  1. still looking for, since I saw on redit that passjncie are scammers I suppose now that jncie lab are also available remote, then is most likely to find dumps on near future
  2. ruzcastroj

    700-765 Dump

    Hi thanks for the file , I just send you a PM
  3. Im agree, actually denis zuev jnciex5 he did cloud and dc twice
  4. lol i was just reading and found this lol "share" come on
  5. I have INE, and inetzero books v1.3 both covering old lab i mean JPR-932,
  6. Hi man, I sent you a PM back in Jun 15
  7. just let me know whats the vendor name (real workbook) inetzero are not real labs, are lab for practice, jncie-dc is ok for practice, but the guide is missing some commands
  8. I mean where to get workbooks (real lab)
  9. actually labs seams are open by now. Do you know where to get (pay) for jncie sec ?
  10. all ccar were and are friends hehe thats a big clue
  11. since 2017 event, cisco changed all lab scenarios , actually many vendors still selling those at high price (more thant 5K)
  12. no since the no since the last jncie sec update. do you know any other vendor ?
  13. It’s correct the only and most available was jncie sp, and jncie sec
  14. on 591 page seams they have updated one
  15. Hi ! do you know any trusted vendor ?
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