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  1. I downloaded the file and this is what I get when I open it!!
  2. What's that vahid?? It's a fake file with just 1 page!!!
  3. INE-NetworkProgrammability&Automation.torrent
  4. Seem like they have the true PDF file here but unfortunately it needs a VIP account to be downloaded.
  5. Course: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 Release Date: January 2018 Trainer Files [Hidden Content] Sorry that I can't provide the VMs on a non-premium hoster. The files are not mine and I don't have them so I can upload them for you. If anyone does really need this course, you have three options.. Downloading the previous release of the course (20740B) from @romank44's thread. Downloading this release from the links above at low speeds over a few days using JDownloader2. Having an affordable premium account on a Debrid service like RealDebrid so you can unlock the provided links and download them at full speed. Edit: It seems it's possible to have a free-trial premium account for 7 days on AllDebrid, so that's another option for you. Cheers ((=
  6. He's back! SFArmy IS BACK!! Welcome back man, we missed you and as usual thank you for your amazing work
  7. 3rd course in 'IT Expertise' series by Jeremy [Hidden Content]
  8. @flesz, Could you please reupload this course (Implementing Active Directory Domain Services in Windows Server 2016) from the following link [hide][Hidden Content]] The old upload for this course was missing the videos titles. Thanks!
  9. New course is out! Implementing Windows Server 2016 High-Performance Network Solutions [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. Great share, still, there are some sections missing
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