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  1. Hi @LValue are you from India me too having same issue with any gofile link always getting redirected to same link
  2. scan came out clean. Fun fact tried tor browser was able to download may be anyone from India can confirm if there is some kind of a block. Based on just a hunch.
  3. Hi thanks I checked it today i was able to download thanks a lot
  4. Hi thanks for sharing but the second link not working plz upload in google annonfile or veryfile
  5. Hi @NThuyet1606 thank you to point that out. to be more specific I click the download button and am redirected to page which says -- "To download this file, please visit the download page and the gofile link" Thats is the problem I am facing. only with gofile links but all others like gdrive mega anon are working fine. I open in private mode, clear cookies, try different browser, even create a new account but still the same. If you know any resolution plz share
  6. I click on link and then redirected to --- To download this file, please visit the download page : [Hidden Content] how to download file
  7. Looking for latest ECSA v10 dumps
  8. File no longer available plz reupload
  9. how to download ???? it always keeps redirecting me to the same link
  10. plz reupload folder not available
  11. Please reupload again, mega link is empty folder.
  12. Hi ppl of cert collection this has been a very helpful forum for me have been here for some time now, bout me i started as service desk for network operations handing out tickets and looking at Solarwind alerts. then got a CCNP R&S and moved to NOC and then to SOC. learned a bit of F5 (mostly to clear job interview) did not got a job aaaaaaand didnt go as far, so went back and studied NGFW and learned Palo Alto. My goodness so much study and even got a TAC position (i was stunned)(man they worked my ass off it was a sweat shop)(3rd world Asian country) (proud to be an U no what ) Nowadays me doing some stuff with PA FW not so deep but good stuff mostly kindaaaaaaaaaaaa Audit. Office tells me DO CISSP. In all my time here i know in this forum there are guys very senior, junior, new and old. the thing with me is m not good managing stuff (or else wont post here)(at least not after listing to Tame Impala Borderline)(and definitely not after whisky) So comes WHAT NEXT ?? m becoming old dont want to study much (or so i thought) i herd do cloud vendor neutral if anyone knows it dont tell others u can reach me one on one it will be our secret. n then we will rule this job market ----------------------------------Dattebayo
  13. plz reupload in G-dive or mega nitroflare very bad
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