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  1. @DCertMan what is the cost and validity for vcp vouchers ?
  2. @ takla answer this question. Which User-ID method maps IP address to usernames for users connecting through a web proxy that has already authenticated the user? A.Client Probing B.Port mapping C.Server monitoring D.Syslog listening
  3. Guys i have complete updated question pool .. need help to verify answers .
  4. An administrator has users accessing network resources through Citrix XenApp 7 x. Which User-ID mapping solution will map multiple users who are using Citrix to connect to the network and access resources? A. Client Probing B. Terminal Services agent C. GlobalProtect D. Syslog Monitoring
  5. Which option enables a Palo Alto Networks NGFW administrator to schedule Application and Threat updates while applying only new content-IDs to traffic? A.Select download-and-install. B.Select download-and-install, with "Disable new apps in content update" selected. C.Select download-only. D.Select disable application updates and select "Install only Threat updates"
  6. Which User-ID method should be configured to map IP addresses to usernames for users connected through a terminal server? port mapping server monitoring client probing XFF headers
  7. PCNSE Palo Alto Networks Real Exam Questions - 100% Lets discuss the correct answers. Q1. Which method will dynamically register tags on the Palo Alto Networks NGFW? Restful API or the VMWare API on the firewall or on the User-ID agent or the read-only domain controller (RODC) Restful API or the VMware API on the firewall or on the User-ID agent XML-API or the VMware API on the firewall or on the User-ID agent or the CLI XML API or the VM Monitoring agent on the NGFW or on the User-ID agent
  8. @che Do you still have huawei vouchers ?
  9. I need ccie written vouchers .
  10. Please Add me to the cissp skype group ..
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