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  1. buddy last time we got each lab solution from this site .. now maybe they don't have the solution.i think solution will be release after couple of months now they have the question set which is exact same in the examination . in version 4 I give my first attempt but unluckly I didn't get cleared
  2. Here we dont know anyone given v5 attempt .. but there is a web site ccieseclabs they mentioned in that website like .. ccie security v5 lab question set and solution released so if u check in that web site u can see that .. in last version v4 i given 1 attempt but unfortunately i got failed and at that time we have to prepare 5 labs .. so in version 5 there will be only one lab in active in the beginning. so this is the best time to get clear the lab
  3. Yes in version 4 it is difficult to get clear the lab . Actually i given 1 attempt in last version and i got lab 6 but unfortunately i got failed . So in v5 there will be only lab in active and ccieseclabs site has mentioned like they have the question set and solution of ccie security v5 . If u go check in that site u will see that.. last time we got question set and solutions from this website . So ihope they got the question set of v5 . If anyone of here planning to buy the solution pls let me know so we can share the money and we can buy the solution .. u know its not affordable to buy the solution by self.
  4. Hi all Anyone passed ccie security written version 5 ?? Anyone got new lab solution ??
  5. Hi anyone passed ccie security written exam and anyone know when will ccie security lab test start
  6. Guys any one have pcnse 7 dumps .. if any body have this pls
  7. hi all if any one have lab 7 solution pls share with us
  8. in ccie security lab , lab 3 ,2 ,5,6 are verified and so many of my friends where passed by getting these labs .. currently most of them are getting lab 7 in every where .. so just hold ur exam for now within two months lab 7 solution will get verified
  9. im planing to give my second attempt in bangalore on next month 20th or 25 ...not yet scheduled..my frist attempt was in july 15th and igot lab 6.now most of them in my institute are saying for second attempt and third attempt peoples are getting lab 3,5,2 if they got lab 6 in first attempt! .and one of my friend is going to give his third attempt in next month 15th ..so after that iwill get to know which lab where present for 2nd and third attempt peoples
  10. what about dubai .. is it lab 7 is there
  11. hi guys anyone know which labs are getting in hongkong
  12. guys..ithink its fake ... 2 of my frnds where given the lab in bangalore..one of them got lab 6 and other one got lab 2..and my one other frnd going to give the lab on dec 7 ... after that we can confirm its released or not...why im saying this because im a student of networkers home bangalore .. and in every month there will be more than 10 students will give the exam ... so hold ur breath till dec 7 ...
  13. hi guys .. i already given my first attempt in bangalore on july 15 and i got lab 6 but i failed that time ...now im planing to give my second attempt in dubai on jan 5 ...im concentrating with lab 2 and lab 5 ... so did anybody got lab 5 on second attempt in dubai ??? pls give a reply
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