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  1. CAn anyelse post new mega link, the existing one is corrupt
  2. ARchives are corrupt... can't access any of the files.
  3. still waiting for someone to share this..? anybody, please..?
  4. Can some please post new videos of CCDP ARCH 3.0 added to the existing CCDP 300-320 ARCH. Below are the added files. link: [Hidden Content] 52. ARCH 3.0: IS-IS Routing Design, IS-IS Overview (17 min) 53. ARCH 3.0: IS-IS Neighbors and Area Design (15 min) 54. ARCH 3.0: The Keys to IS-IS Addressing (9 min) 55. ARCH 3.0: Inside the Simple Routing Mind of IS-IS (10 min) 56. ARCH 3.0: IS-IS Design Principles (11 min) 57. ARCH 3.0: Data Center - Virtual Port Channel, Multichassis Etherchannel, and Fabric Extenders (10 min) 58. ARCH 3.0: Cisco's TRILL Solution: FabricPath (8 min) 59. ARCH 3.0: What is SDN? (9 min) 60. ARCH 3.0: How SDN Works (10 min) 61. ARCH 3.0: Data Center Interconnects (DCI) (15 min) 62. ARCH 3.0: QoS Overview and Models (14 min) 63. ARCH 3.0: QoS — Tools of the Trade (16 min) 64. ARCH 3.0: QoS — Understanding the Two Models (6 min) 65. ARCH 3.0: QoS — Deploying QoS (16 min) 66. ARCH 3.0: QoS — Big Picture Design (14 min) 67. ARCH 3.0: IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting Review (11 min) 68. ARCH 3.0 — How to Get Started with IPv6 (11 min) 69. ARCH 3.0: IPv6 — Transition Mechanisms (14 min)
  5. still waiting for the missing file.. please can someone find it and share it..??
  6. This file is missing... 5.4 Introducing VXLAN Tunnel Endpoint.. Can someone get it please..?
  7. Sorry the name is 5.4 Introducing VXLAN Tunnel Endpoint.. the file name was truncated when the winrar was extracting it so couldn't get the file name correctly the first name,
  8. This torrent file is missing 5.4 Introducing VXLAN Tunnel Encrpytion... can someone please upload it.
  9. File is removed, please reupload. along with the missing files please.. Lesson 7.11: Single Choice Question Q&A Lesson 8.11: Multiple Choice Question Q&A Lesson 9.6: Drag and Drop Question Q&A Lesson 10.4: Simulation Question Q&A
  10. The file is removed from myairbridge.. please reupload.
  11. Hi All, Okay, right off the bat I know I am reaching here.. But incase, there is a good hearted Samaritan who can fetch this series of videos for us. It will be very much appreciated. [Hidden Content]# Get to know Cisco ACI with our instructor, Jason Lunde, CCIE #29431 in both Data Center and Routing and Switching. In this initial series we will not overwhelm you with information, but rather strive get you accustomed to ACI, how it operates, and how to actually do the work within the APIC GUI! This is about 9 hours worth of ACI goodness! If you are preparing for the DC v2 exam, this will be the perfect series to obtain the information that you will need to know in order to be successful in the lab examination (within the scope of ACI). Current Playlist Includes: 1- Introduction to Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure 2- Describing the ACI Fabric 3- DEMO - Bootstrapping the APIC 4- DEMO - The Fabric Discover Process 5- Tenants and Contexts and Bridge Domains (Oh My!) 6- DEMO - Creating a Tenant 7- DEMO - Creating a Bridge Domain and Context 8- OOB and In-Band Management with ACI 9- DEMO - Configuring OOB Management Policies 10- Forwarding with the ACI Fabric 11- ACI Interface and Management Policies 12- DEMO - Configuring Interface Policies 13- Switch and Interface Profiles in ACI 14- DEMO - Configuring Switch Profiles 15- DEMO - Configuring Interface Profiles 16- Interface Policy Groups in ACI 17- DEMO - Configuring Interface Policy Groups 18- VLAN Pools in ACI 19- DEMO - Configuring VLAN Pools 20- Domains in Cisco ACI 21- Attachable Access Entity Profile (Try saying that 3x fast!) 22- DEMO - Configuring Domains and AAEP's 23- Endpoints, Endpoint Groups, and Appilcation Profiles 24- Contracts, Subjects, and Filters 25- Integration of Bare-Metal Hosts (BMH's) with ACI 26- DEMO - Configuring bare-metal hosts in a single EPG, in the same subnet 27- DEMO - Configuring bare-metal hosts in a single EPG, in the different subnets 28- DEMO - Configuring bare-metal hosts in two separate EPG's 29- Integrating ACI with the Virtual World 30- DEMO - Configuring and Verifying VMM integration with vCenter 31- DEMO - Advanced Contract Configuration 32- Connecting ACI to an External Layer-3 Domain 33- DEMO - Configuring an External Routed domain with OSPF 34- DEMO - Configuring an External Routed Domain with EIGRP 35- Transit Routing with ACI 36- DEMO - Configuring Transit Routing with ACI 37- vPC integration with ACI Leaf Switches 38- DEMO - Configuring vPC within ACI 39- Connecting to an External Layer 2 Domain 40- DEMO - Configuring and External Bridged Domain with ACI Gratefully, RR
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