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    Well, those ICM Class materials for 2.4 should be still around this forum that is really good foundation, if you want to go deepter then VMworld presentations are good and reference architectures, as far as practices question if you search using google exam name, you can find bunch of sample questions from multiple vendors - if you combine them you good a good base but not everything will be covered unfortunately.
  2. I have an exam scheduled in May, currently looking for some study materials, otherwise I would need to fall back to available vmware documentation.
  3. closevision


    Greetings, I have passed this exam last month, I have prepared using the NSX-T Install, Configure and Manage class materials. Some of these quesions above were in the exam, but a lot more were not, including things like ESXi CLI - how to verify vmnics and TEPs, how to verify vmk interfaces, where are some key log files and configuration files as well integration with vIDM. what is the order of processing (sections) for dfw/edge fw. For hands on i recommend hands on labs which is free.
  4. I have taken few VMware exams in the past, and so far I have encoured single answer and multiple answer questions based on text and picture input. These were VCA and VCP level exams, not sure for higher whether there are any meaningful simulation question line in cisco exams.
  5. I am planning to take NSX-T, hopefully by end of this year, after I do some study (using slides from Install Configure manager - Covers NSX-T 2.4).
  6. Can somebody please reupload this book again? Thanks a bunch.
  7. Can anybody share this image please? asa944-18-smp-k8.bin MD5=a99d0ea774c2b1b0d599b6e37cdce086 Thanks, asa944-18-smp-k8.bin
  8. Hi Guys, Did anyone do a clean install of version 6.2? Will it expire after 30 or 60 days? Cos I have a working 6.1 and it basicall never expires, even if the date is way over.
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