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  1. i know the rules say do not post useless thankyous, and i am normally of the freeloader type, but the amount of effort it took to put all these materials together and the ease of their download require a SPECIAL THANKYOU
  2. Please reupload it! Thank you!
  3. Please reupload it! Thank you!
  4. the server is offline, try again later. this means the file is there but the server itself is under maintenance
  5. +1, kevin wallace is awesome, shame we are broke and have to pirate his videos
  6. hi, any chance of different hosting method, i was unable to get past the URL shortening site regardless of disbaling ad blocker, thanks
  7. hi, links are dead, any chance of a reupload? thanks
  8. Hi, Just wondering if there are videos for any VCAP subject, if not a book will still come in handy. Regards,
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