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  1. I found the updates for PA-3050 here. Thank You. I have upgraded to 8.1.0, but when going to 9.0.0 an error shows up. Error message is, Upgrading from 8.1.0 to 9.0.0 requires a content version of 8103 or greater and found 769-4439
  2. I have got a PA-3050 with PAN-OS v8.0.19-h1. Can you upload the versions needed to upgrade the unit to the latest supported PAN-OS version? Thanks
  3. How hard is it to install PAN-OS from scratch if the disk is missing from say a PA-3050? Is there a manual that can be found on this subject to reference? Thank You
  4. I think this is the last question I have for you. Is there any performance or throughput limitation on a PA-3050 if it is not Licensed? I read somewhere that it is limited to 100Mb/s throughput, but I can't remember if that was for the VM or the physical hardware. Again, thanks for your help.
  5. I have no experience with GlobalProtect, but prefer L2TP/IPsec anyway. I was just wondering how complicated L2TP/IPsec is to configure in Palo Alto? I was originally going to setup pfSense on an R610 or R620 as my firewall/router, but was thinking that ASA or Palo Alto might be a good fit and could learn more in the process. I am basically using the router/firewall to protect a couple of Dell VRTX units in my home lab running vSphere 6.5. I am also going to be using NSXv with the Ubiquiti EdgeSwitches. They can do minor Layer 3 routing and that is good enough for what I need. Thanks for your help.
  6. I guess my main question is, can it be used as a firewall, router and VPN endpoint without being licensed? I have some Ubiquiti EdgeRouters, but am not really happy with the performance and looking for something a bit better performing. I recently purchased a Cisco ASA 5550 and was not impressed with the over-complicated setup and usability. It was the first time using anything Cisco in a really long time. I immediately remembered why I don't like Cisco. Thank You Kreator777.
  7. I have a few questions for people in this topic. I am thinking about purchasing a used PA-3050. I don't know a lot about the physical units. What should I look for before purchasing? Does it need to be activated, or can I use it as a firewall and router without having to purchase any licenses? I am not really interested in IDS/IPS or antivirus. Any general suggestions before purchasing a unit? Thank You for your input and help.
  8. I second this. I too am looking for a sure fire way to crack Palo Alto Firewall. I have tried the HEX editor and never ends well.
  9. @ShaRose Have you ever thought about hacking the licensing for EMC UnityVSA? They have a community edition with a 4TB limit, but it would be nice if you could get a higher limit and the rest of the features enabled. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  10. root0, I am looking for an older version of NSX. I am hoping that maybe you can get it. I am looking for NSX 6.3.7. Is there any chance you can get it?
  11. root0, Do you have vRealize Network Insight 4.2.0 you could upload? Thanks Artezys, I am not sure what torrent client you are using, but give Tixati a try. It is easy to use and runs on Windows and Linux.
  12. @root0, Do you have a copy of vRealize Network Insight v4.2.0 that you can share? Thanks
  13. I am also looking for Network Insight v4.1.1
  14. root0, Would you happen to have VMware vSphere Data Protection 6.1.11?
  15. You will have to look back in the previous posts. I believe it is listed in one of the scripts at the bottom where to find the DLF files. I do not have that information with me at this time. Also, to update, vRealize Network Insight generated keys are working. I have tested all of the keys in 6.7 as well as 6.5 and everything works great.
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