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  1. Mavis, do you have anything more from intermediate ITIL ? can you also update this one ?
  2. key is valid, just link is no longer valid :-)
  3. whats the password for this.. the one mentioned above doesn't work
  4. Use google translate :-) you will be surprised
  5. Guys.. did you managed to run this vSRX on EVE-NG ? based on, media-vsrx-vmdisk-17.3R1.10.qcow2 ?? Ime getting weird behavior. Device is starting but can't start proper CLI just db> prompt and panic reboot afterwards.. Anyone got similar behaviour ? Please advise. Need to run 2-4 vSRX'es in lab for training. pxl
  6. Anyone have this ? RSA Netwitness ?
  7. please add me to this group
  8. Hello.. Any chance someone have some training stuff regarding Skype for Business ?
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