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  1. @CCIEx7 and @smokescreen311 can u verify if below file is accurated please ?...
  2. need some guys who passed recently to check this file !
  3. my folders updated with Catalyst 8000V process included , working like a charm with controller v20.3.2, I dont have C8000v device on my serial edge list so use as CSR1000V chassis numbers !!! @CertCollect69 follow kb workbook/videos or cbt nuggets video 300-415 to make it works , not a big deal man to onboard devices via WINSERVER /Linux CA or cli vmanage ROOTCA... issue on your side... I already did test with old controller v19.2.X... working as well , I used latest controllers v20.3.2 to make it works with latest CSRv otherwise you will got BFD and control panel issue with v19 and new cedges...
  4. disable your antivrus ... its false positive , crt keygen is not a virus..
  5. Try cloud version [Hidden Content]
  6. not possible bro go to vios if u want giga interface , but its just a name why u want gig ?...u will not have better throughput with gig interface..
  7. ya obviutouslty u have to activate vtx /ept on bios and on vmware otherwise nested virtualization with qemu file will not works
  8. Hi ALl, Below latest dump i found not sure if accurate... [hide][Hidden Content]] enjiy
  9. if u have powerfull gear u can try to deploy like this
  10. @undergl nice share bro !
  11. @ph4ntom74 Im using both on my esxi 6.7 server... eve-ng pro and pnetlab... my license will soon expire for eve pro ... , both working fine on workstation 15.5 pro as well ... you can deploy from their OVA file , or ISO install for baremetal... Just give a try ... and compare yourself bro both products...
  12. is it accurate guys ?
  13. nothing more , its tweaked version of eve community with almost eve-ng pro features... so if u cdnt afford for eveng pro go for pnet ..
  14. guys go to eve-ng or pnetlab , forget that gns3 is buggy... long time I used for my ccna , best version of gns3 was 0.8.6.... after that they made so many upgrade with new bugs... i throw it...
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